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To solve labour shortage woes in the Australian cyber sector, Tesserent has teamed up with Uniq You to encourage girls and expose them early to industries underrepresented by women. Tesserent and Uniq You are committed in the development of future women cyberleaders and will teach girls that a career in cybersecurity is possible.

Published in Security

Men and women both agree that women are underrepresented in the technology sector globally, but nearly a third of men mistakenly believe women just aren’t interested in technology jobs, according to a new global survey.

Published in Strategy

The Australian Taxation Office plans to use data matching to crack down on Australians trading in cryptocurrencies and not paying the correct amount of tax.

Published in Technology Regulation

A new report says Australia is undervaluing curiosity, despite it being "a powerful trait that supports a fuller, more meaningful life".

Published in Home Tech

A new study released by "employment marketplace" Seek for International Women’s Day shows that "over 65% of Australia’s workforce would like to see more women in leadership roles."

Published in Development

An increasing number of women joining the workforce in Australia has led to larger gains for women across overall employment, full-time employment and also part-time employment, according to a newly published study.

Published in Recruitment

A worldwide study of both male and female CIOs shows that females are more risk-aware than their male counterparts and are more concerned about under-investment in risk initiatives than the men.

Published in CIO Trends

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella may be transforming the company from a monolithic, old-school giant to an agile mobile-focussed beast but his views on women in tech might need some adjustment too after he told an audience of women they don't need to ask for a raise.

Published in Enterprise Staff

Apple and JB Hi-Fi have become the latest tech-related companies to release their workplace diversity reports, and both have admitted they're not doing well enough.

Published in Recruitment
Thursday, 24 July 2014 21:08

Twitter admits it has a diversity problem

Twitter today joined other big tech companies in admitting it has a diversity problem, revealing it has been hiring too many white and Asian men at the expense of women, black and Latino workers.

Published in Strategy

Google wants to see more women in technology and is putting its money where its mouth is, announcing a $50 million initiative in a bid to close the technology gender divide and teach girls how to code.

Published in Strategy
Monday, 20 May 2013 13:48

Facebook helps bridge the gender divide

Facebook has been used to determine the battle of the sexes, and the results, as usual, are inconclusive.

Published in Home Tech
Wednesday, 26 October 2011 16:43

Comment: breaking the Big Blue bastion

When IBM was incorporated just over 100 years ago women in the United States did not have the vote; that would take another nine years.  It took 91 more for the company to appoint its first female CEO.

Published in People Moves
Friday, 24 June 2011 15:46

Men savvier online than women

The battle of the sexes may have raged for centuries but is now over, at least when it comes to online networking.

Published in Networking
Wednesday, 07 April 2010 15:42

ICT wants more women'¦still'¦

The call has gone out for women ICT professionals to step forward and act as mentors for females entering the profession, a group still significantly outnumbered by their male peers.

Published in Education




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