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A senior cyber security researcher at the Cybersecurity Centre for Security Studies run by ETH Zurich says while a Microsoft report on cyber operations during the Russia-Ukraine war offers some useful details it says little about the impact of these operations.

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Infosec professionals are often depicted as people who see things in ones and zeroes and generally stick to reality. But in truth, some of them are better spinmeisters than the famed PR guru Max Markson.

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In the days prior to Russia's invasion of Ukraine and thereafter, there have been numerous people in the infosec business who have predicted that there would be a massive outbreak of what they characterised as cyber-conflict between these two countries. But little or nothing has eventuated.

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If any country wants to prevent what is being touted as cyber war, then it would be better off destroying squirrels rather than spreading FUD about electricity grids and attackers, a former black hat hacker told a security conference last week.

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Thursday, 02 June 2011 17:01

Defending against the cyber cold war

If you supply someone who supplies the government, are you the weak link in the security chain? Could your organisation be a stepping stone to an attack on a government or military target?

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The OECD has produced a report on the likelihood and possible impacts of a globally catastrophic cyber-security breakdown. It concludes that such an event is unlikely, but makes a number of recommendations on precautionary measures that governments should take.

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