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A court battle to decide who was the inventor of bitcoin has been given the go-ahead by the London High Court, a Reuters report says.

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Internet Australia has again come out in strong opposition to the use of site-blocking in the fight against Internet “piracy”, claiming that a copyright infringement survey by the federal government supports its case against site-blocking.

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Oracle has opened a bid for another trial in its long-running feud with Google, telling federal judge William Alsup that a jury verdict in May that went in favour of Google was marred by the search engine company not revealing that it planned to extend Android use to laptops and desktops.

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Internet Australia has called on incoming Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to fast track construction of the National Broadband Network, claiming the Abbott Government failed to understand the importance of the Internet.

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Non-profit digital rights group Electronic Frontiers Australia has given qualified support to the government’s announcement it is looking at the benefits that might come from the introduction of a broad, flexible “fair use exception” in Australian copyright law.

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Australia has high levels of online copyright infringement, with illegal downloading of movies, music, TV programs and video games continuing unabated despite warnings about the legal consequences of the practice.

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Justice Nye Perram of the Federal Court has issued his latest decision on the case, which talks costs and that infamous letter now coming very soon.

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Thursday, 09 April 2015 06:10

Anti-piracy laws a step closer

A draft of a new Copyright Code, rushed through in months, has been completed. But the key issue of who will pay for it remains unresolved.

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Thursday, 11 December 2014 06:24

Bad choice, says Choice

Consumer group Choice says the Government’s anti-piracy proposals could mean harsh penalties for consumers, with no solution to high cost of content.

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Monday, 27 October 2014 07:31

iiNet Downloaders Club - not that kind of club?

iiNet and copyright infringement is back in the news, with the owners of the Dallas Buyers Club movie applying to the Federal Court to force iiNet to divulge contact details for IP addresses alleged to have downloaded the movie.

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