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Realising the ACCC’s powers may no longer apply now that eBay has withdrawn its notice to force PayPal onto buyers, and realising that the eBay empire still wishes to force PayPal onto its seller citizens, the rebels are marshalling their forces for battle! Is the force with them?

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Hot on the heels of the Asus Eee PC comes more small subnotebooks, with Acer giving them the Intel inspired name of the netbook. Does the Intel Atom-powered Aspire One ‘netbook’ fill you with desire to acquire one?

Published in Fuzzy Logic
eBay has suffered the ultimate embarrassment of being forced to cancel its ridiculously anti-competitive plan to force buyers and sellers to use PayPal only. But is eBay’s flip-flop enough to restore any credibility? What about the problem of negative seller feedback? What about PayPal’s extremely poor customer service? And will heads roll at eBay Australia simply for being so incredibly stupid, or do we point fingers at eBay HQ in the US?

Published in Fuzzy Logic




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