Nokia’s entry into the music business is one that further pushes Nokia into direct competition with the very telecommunications companies it does business with worldwide. But seeing how poorly telco music services have fared against iTunes, traditional CD sales and piracy in general, can Nokia take music and make it rock around the clock?

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Saturday, 19 April 2008 12:11

Telstra issues CDMA shutdown Q&A

With only a few days to go before Telstra shuts down the CDMA network permanently, it has issued a brief Q&A outlining what it believes are important final questions, while urging any remaining CDMA holdouts to move to Next G quickly.

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A kerfuffle has emerged over whether Acer’s Gemstone Blue ‘true HD 1920x1080p’ notebook can only output at 1080i – or the claim of true HD 1080p. Despite an email from Acer quoted in another publication suggesting the Gemstone Blue’s screen is only 1080i, the truth is out there, and we have it. Read on.

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