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E-scooters are wonderful mobility devices, but traditional scooters need wired charging at home, on special charging stations or taken back to base for charging, but Meredot's truly innovative wireless charger is a powerful game changer.

Published in Home Tech

Chinese phone company Xiaomi's latest video shows a phone charging to 100% in 8 minutes with a 200W wired charger, and 15 mins with a 120W wireless charger.

Published in Telecoms & NBN

Chinese telecommunications equipment vendor Huawei Technologies has applied for a patent for using a laser charging module to charge several phones within a room simultaneously.

Published in Mobility

If the ongoing bushfire crisis has taught Australians one thing, it is that the use of petrol and diesel vehicles will have to be minimised in the future in order to avoid pumping more carbon into the atmosphere and making the problem worse.

Published in Open Sauce

If you have a new iPhone Xs, Xs Max, Apple Watch Series 4 or are planning to pick up the iPhone XR in October, then Belkin's newly enhanced wireless charging dock will let you charge two devices wirelessly with a third via USB cable.

Published in Home Tech

If your face grows hair, and you want it styled, or gone from there, Braun's Series 9 is an ultra premium way to wear your face the way you want it worn and shorn.

Australian Crowne Plaza hotels boast being "the first hotel network to install Tesla Destination Chargers at all of their properties across Australasia, connecting 12 properties with cutting-edge technology for a growing customer segment."

Published in Development

Whether you have a compatible iPhone, Samsung or other Qi-enabled wireless charging device, Belkin's bounty of new wireless chargers, to be unveiled at CES, should bob up on your radar. 

Published in Home Tech
Friday, 02 September 2016 07:37

Explosion reports: Samsung may recall Note7 devices

Samsung appears likely to recall all Galaxy Note7 devices sold at home and abroad after reports that a few of them exploded while charging, a company official told South Korea's Yonhap news agency.

Published in Mobility

Imagine if your smartphone or tablet battery was smart enough to recharge itself using power from the radio waves it generates to go online. Radient says it can be done!

Published in Energy
Saturday, 11 June 2016 14:35

A USB condom

Kaspersky warned us of the dangers of unprotected public USB charging sockets.  How can we make it safer?

Published in Security

Wireless charging technologies using awkward charging pads are a half-way house to irrelevancy, with Ossia’s COTA system a wireless power revolution.

Published in Mobility

Wireless charging is heading towards greater adoption, and while there’s still years to go, wireless charging will be much bigger in 2020 than today.

Published in Home Tech

If you want an upstanding charging solution for your Apple Watch and a way to make charging even easier and really stand out, take a look.

Published in Home Tech

Metal edges and Gorilla Glass 4 on both sides, a non-removable battery with superfast wired charging and plenty more, Samsung wants to kill all competition.

Published in Mobility
Friday, 27 June 2014 13:44

Faulty charger kills NSW woman

Smartphone users are being warned to stay away from fake USB chargers, after a NSW woman died from an apparent electrocution.

Published in Mobility
Wednesday, 23 April 2014 11:14

Wireless smartphone charging at 5 metres

Korean researchers have demonstrated a wireless recharging system that can charge 40 phones simultaneously at a distance of up to 5 metres.

Practical, affordable and long life fuel cells have been hyped up every now and then over the years, but have never been delivered – until now, with a new power system able to recharge an iPhone 4 up to 14 times before its inexpensive fuel cell needs replacing.

Published in Mobility

Are you annoyed that your iPad seems to charge really slowly - or that your Windows PC refuses to charge your iPad, instead giving you a 'not charging' message? Here's what you absolutely must know!

Published in Fuzzy Logic
Thursday, 25 March 2010 11:56

Powermat juices power into gadgets - wirelessly!

Powermat's perfect power pads place old-fashioned wires firmly into the past, with magnetic induction technology, mats and special receivers truly taking the recharging of gizmos and gadgets into the 21st century!

Published in Home Tech




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