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Hail Hydrus! This underwater, subsea drone is a friend to humanity, opening new frontiers in ocean exploration and conservation, making ocean data accessible to everyone.

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From a new, COVID-test device that gives instant results just with your breath, to a colour-changing electric BMW to autonomous, electric farm robots that can hoe, weed, seed and more, through to ever-smarter smart home tech, including wireless energy at a distance to robots with ever more realistic facial expressions, and whether it is the latest GPUs, CPUs, start-ups, smartphones, TVs, flying cars, accessibility-friendly tech, fintech, wellness, wearables and much, much more - CES 2022 was definitely smaller, but it still succeeded in launching tons of terrific tech.

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While the world is still looking at self-driving vehicles, Japan is hard at work on autonomous cargo container ships, already planning a 236 mile trip next February into busy cargo lanes with a vessel that has no crew.

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SoftBank is one of the world's most technologically connected companies, and for years has also had a robotics division which has now reached Australia, with its new robot being a true whiz at cleaning and arriving at just the right time to help deal with our new post-COVID reality.

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Global enterprise database and application vendor, Oracle, announced its new cloud Autonomous JSON Database, bringing NoSQL APIs and SQL functionality, high performance, ACID support and all the core capabilities of MongoDB but at less cost.

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Dell EMC PowerOne autonomous infrastructure combines various families from the Dell portfolio with an intelligence engine to automate previously manual operations.

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It's nearly 2019, and Gartner lined up its top strategic tech trends for 2019 at its Symposium conference in Orlando last week which you can see and read below.

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Ford's new "Transit Connect self-driving research vehicle" features three lockers: one on the passenger side and two in the back  that help deliver both food and goods.

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A study prepared by Smith's Lawyers of 980 Australian drivers between January and June 2018 shows concern over autonomous self-driving cars, with only 22% of drivers stating they'd trust such cars.

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A new robot car, enabled with LiDAR, can see wavelengths beyond human senses to drive in foggy, snowy and bad weather conditions, with the evolving technology representing "a big step towards a safe automated vehicle".

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Monday, 02 October 2017 15:32

Oracle unveils world's first autonomous database

Enterprise database vendor Oracle today announced Oracle 18C, claiming it is the world's first and only autonomous database.

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A new report by the University of Sydney’s Business School, dubbed the Transport Opinion Survey, suggests self-driving cars won’t ease road congestion but might even increase it.

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Skilled drivers in big machine agriculture will be replaced by fully autonomous tractors, drones and more that will change the way farming is done, how agricultural machinery is designed, and the ongoing robotic revolution.

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Vodafone has started testing "vehicle-to-vehicle communications (LTE-V2X)" in the UK, is planning further trials in Germany and has an eye on the 5G road ahead.

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The autonomous self-driving car revolution is on the way but will only represent 1% of all vehicles by 2025, even though that will nearly number 20m.

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iTWire talks to David Maunsell, Accenture Digital’s Australia/NZ MD and Digital Lead about autonomous vehicles in Australia and the world, how they’re already here, and what changes consumers and companies will need to make for them to become an everyday reality for us all.




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