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Not all non connections are capable of delivering the maximum speeds of higher speed NBN plans, and Telstra has apologised for not communicating this properly in the past, and said "we have made significant improvements to how we manage communicating nbn speed information to our customers", so what else does Telstra's California-based global connectivity and platforms exec, Sanjay Nayak have to say about it all?

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Linux creator Linus Torvalds has made an uncharacteristic admission that he needs to change the way he interacts with people on the Linux kernel mailing list and says he will take some time off and get assistance "on how to understand people’s emotions and respond appropriately".

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After suffering a barrage of criticism and lawsuits that Android competitors who also "throttle" their phones haven't suffered, Apple has issued an apology and explanation.

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Telstra’s COO, Kate McKenzie, publicly apologised (again) for yet another Telstra outage, but its customers think the $25 compensation offered is churlishly cheap.

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With Australia's multicultural 'Special Broadcasting Service' or SBS TV network the latest major company to see its site attacked by hackers and modified to deliver malware, the loudly ringing security wake-up call ratchets up a few decibles more.

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