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Tuesday, 15 April 2008 05:02

A Microsoft shop?

File under ‘r’ for rumour for now, but it seems sources close to Microsoft are hinting at a desire to follow Apple’s lead by having retail stores pushing Microsoft branded stuff onto the public.

Published in Entertainment
One million Nintendo DS units sold in a country of around 22 million people, the figures are impressive for Nintendo, at it is hard to imagine the bubble bursting any time soon.  Sony with their sophisticated PlayStation Portable (PSP) have made in-roads, perhaps, despite the overwhelming odds against it, there is room for other players in the hand-held gaming arena.  Could Microsoft be that player?

Published in Radioactive IT
Bill Gates has given his 11th and last CES keynote as Microsoft head-honcho, looking at the future, touch and talk interfaces, the Beijing Olympics, Zune, new TV shows and movies for Xbox Live, Xbox 360 sales and IPTV - but the rumoured Xbox 360 Ultimate didn’t make an appearance.

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