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Microsoft has rolled out patches for 67 vulnerabilities in its products in its monthly Patch Tuesday, including a fix for a zero-day that is being exploited in the wild.

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Apple has issued a patch for a vulnerability in the kernel of its iOS and macOS operating systems, originally a zero-day, warning that it affected devices running iOS 13, and also the macOS Catalina platform.

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Microsoft has revealed details of another zero-day attack on its Office software, releasing an advisory prior to issuing a patch for the flaw.

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Search giant Google has been forced to patch yet another zero-day in its Chrome browser, the fourth this year, but the company has not provided any indicators of compromise or other details n its advisory.

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Just a day after an Indian researcher released details of a one-day bug in Google's Chrome browser, a Chinese researcher known as frust has released a zero-day for the same browser.

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Microsoft has warned of a zero-day flaw in the Adobe Type Manager Library which is being actively exploited on Windows systems that are up-to-date.

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Google has released a fix for a high-severity vulnerability in its Chrome browser. The bug is currently being exploited in the wild on Windows 10 systems.

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An unknown developer has published details of a zero-day exploit in the popular vBulletin forum software on the Full Disclosure mailing list, raising fears that there may be a spate of attacks across the Internet.

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Exploit vendor Zerodium, which made headlines in September last year by offering a million-dollar bounty for any zero-day exploits in the Tor browser running on Tails Linux or Windows, has itself released a zero-day exploit for the browser.

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A new Adobe Flash zero-day exploit that works through a Microsoft Office document and delivers the latest version of the FinSpy malware as its final payload has been identified by security vendor Kaspersky Lab.

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McAfee Security has jumped the gun on disclosure of a zero-day vulnerability in Microsoft Word that the security company FireEye was discussing with Microsoft and awaiting release of a patch before divulging details.

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Cisco has released details of a vulnerability in its IOS and IOS XE software that would allow remote exploitation of any one of 318 of its routers.

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A zero-day exploit for all versions of Windows was released two weeks ago, but Microsoft does not appear to be seized of this, announcing that it will release security updates which were meant for this month on 14 March.

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Thursday, 11 August 2016 10:44

Security firm trumps Apple in bug bounties

Security firm Exodus Intelligence has trumped Apple in the bug bounty area, offering as much as half a million American dollars for zero-day iOS exploits.

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Unlike most products, software is offered without any kind of warranty, and when you see how many bugs and vulns software has, it’s obvious why.

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Tuesday, 03 February 2015 21:02

Is this a trend? Yet another Adobe Flash zero-day

Security firm Trend Micro has identified yet another zero-day vulnerability affecting Adobe Flash, confirmed by Adobe and still unpatched: 1 billion PC users at risk!

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Tuesday, 27 January 2015 04:15

Adobe patches latest zero-day Flash flaws at last

After patching one of the Flash zero-day security flaws last week, Adobe has finally issued a patch for the second zero-day flaw that could let attackers take over your computer.

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A new zero-day vulnerability targeting Flash-based ads seen when browsing with Internet Explorer and Firefox is actively being exploited by cybercriminals - what can you do?

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Tuesday, 29 April 2014 10:26

Adobe issues emergency Flash update

Adobe has patched a critical flaw in Flash Player currently being exploited by hackers, and users are being asked to update immediately.

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