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Wednesday, 16 October 2013 18:02

Yahoo Mail redesign falls flat

Yahoo Mail went under a full redesign last week, and while there's no doubt it looks good, a host of bugs have plagued the service leaving some users furious.

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Thursday, 19 July 2012 08:31

MultiMi consolidates social media activity

AVG's MultiMi aims to provide a single interface to multiple social media services, much as multi-protocol instant messaging applications such as Adium can connect simultaneously to multiple IM services.

Published in Home Tech
Saturday, 20 September 2008 15:54

How not to get hacked like Sarah Palin

The news that Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s Yahoo webmail account was hacked is all over the Internet. Your webmail could be hackable in the same way – here’s how to make it much harder for the hackers.

Published in Fuzzy Logic
Yahoo!'s Zimbra Desktop email and calendar software will be available through the Ubuntu partner repository.

Published in Open Source
Friday, 25 July 2008 04:18

Yahoo!'s Zimbra Desktop beta 3 launched

Yahoo! subsidiary Zimbra has released beta 3 of Zimbra Desktop, its new email application designed to make it simpler to work with multiple web mail accounts, even when offline. The program also includes calendaring facilities.

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Apple's rebranding of its .Mac Internet service to MobileMe is throwing users into disarray as the service has been offline for prolonged periods. Users find that some services still work while others aren't operational at all.

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Yahoo! has bowed to pressure from its 266 million email customers fed up with not being able to get a Yahoo! email address that is close to their name: it has made two additional domain names available: ymail.com and rocketmail.com.

Published in Networking
Tuesday, 06 May 2008 14:09

Xobni outs Outlook inadequacies

I still begrudgingly use Vista, even after making the mistake of retrograding my system to the monumental stuff-up called SP1. I still use Word and Excel 2007, although there are free alternatives that tempt me. However, I dropped Outlook months ago because it's an unacceptable resources drain. Can a new plug-in called Xobni change my mind?

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