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GUEST OPINION: Less than six months ago it was looking like many workplaces were starting to encourage employees back to the office full time, but this is now not going to be the case. Due to the continued need for mobility, now is the perfect time to upgrade business laptops, particularly in the light of hybrid working being here to stay.

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Cisco, one of the Australia’s leading IT and networking companies, has joined Lifeline in pushing for better Mental Health in the workplace. For the second year running, Cisco will take part in The Push-Up Challenge as it aspires to top the community fundraising chart.

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With COVID-19's Delta strain rearing its ugly head in Australia as I type, causing a third week of lockdowns in Greater Sydney, working from home for many office workers never went away, but has been amplified in its importance, so what does Facebook's latest research uncover?

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Thursday, 05 June 2014 12:33

'GenMobile' forcing a workplace rethink

A new type of young workers called 'GenMobile' are forcing employers to rethink traditional work patterns and make the workplace more flexible and mobile according to fresh research.

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