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When paying around $2,000 for a technical conference you expect some good swag to take away. Microsoft's annual Tech-Ed event ups the ante this year with attendees receiving a free HP netbook with Windows 7. There is a small catch however with an ethical choice being attached.

Monday, 29 June 2009 13:42

The netbook belongs to Linux

Why do Microsoft and vendors like ASUS continue to push the line that Microsoft Windows is the ultimate operating system for the diminutive ultraportable netbook market? The Windows 7 plan for netbooks is fraught with limitation and burdens. It's time to bring back the penguin.

Microsoft seems bent on making netbook users know they’re running the cheapest version of Windows 7. After relenting on the previous restriction only three apps could run at one time the company now will lock the operating system desktop so the default wallpaper can not be changed.




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