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Net-savvy Victorians denied the chance to watch Channel 9’s hit new show thanks to a court order preventing its broadcast in the state have rushed online to download it, with local police threatening to thunder down upon copyright infringers like a ton of bricks.

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Every now and then there’s some good Telstra news that doesn’t involve ADSL2+, the ACCC or fibre networks, with BigPond launching a site for anyone to follow the bid by the first-ever mother and daughter team to conquer Mount Everest.

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Thursday, 07 February 2008 05:13

AOL comes back to Australia - as a web site

Looks like AOL in the US have the rights to their Australian domain name back after selling the dial-up and broadband business to iPrimus, launching a new portal to capture Australian eyeballs and fight against Ninemsn, Yahoo7 and everyone else.

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