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Microsoft has won a contract which could be worth US$21.88 billion (A$28.58 billion) with the US Army to supply 120,000 custom HoloLens augmented reality headsets that will help soldiers who are at war.

Published in Government Tech Policy

The head of the defence lobby group, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, believes that bolstering Australia's defence is part of the solution to the current bilateral crisis with China.

Published in Open Sauce
Thursday, 24 September 2015 14:40

YouTube cuts ads for alternative media

A new policy amendment by Youtube has cut advertising on videos that contain controversial news content,  including videos that promote alternative political views. As a result, at least one popular alternative news media site with hundreds of thousands of subscribers has lost a major source of income. (Note this story has been updated with an official YouTube statement in the final paragraph)

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Australia has two major export sectors and technology is not one of them. Aside from mining, food accounts for about $30 billion of this country’s national exports. Now, thanks to our good friends in Washington and our insipidly compliant lapdog Government we’ve just lost a reliable $500 million customer and moved a step closer to a senseless war.

Published in Beerfiles
Tuesday, 22 July 2014 13:27

Wars, spin and MH 17

As I write this, we are nearly one week into the Malaysian Airlines tragedy in which almost 300 lives were lost. The mainstream media coverage and commentary from Western political leaders of the downing of MH 17 over Ukraine is nothing short of appalling. In short, we are being subjected to an overt attempt to lie us into another war.

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Tuesday, 16 July 2013 10:34

South Korea to stop the leaks with new app

South Korea's defence ministry has clamped down on mobile phones, forcing employees to install an app that restricts users to just calling and texting with their smartphones.

Published in Government Tech Policy
Friday, 11 September 2009 15:43

Prime Minister apologises over death of Alan Turing

He was one of the unsung heroes of World War Two, a brilliant mathematician and code-breaker who led the technological fight against Hitler. Some 55 years too late, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has apologised for the prosecution and persecution that ended up killing Alan Turing.

Published in Security
Cyber DefCon 5 is defined as being effective when malicious nation to nation attacks with the intent to destroy communication infrastructures as well as disable business processes occur. Georgia is at a state of Cyber DefCon 5. No prizes for guessing who is doing the attacking...

Published in Networking
Thursday, 10 July 2008 15:51

Storm continues as USA declares war on Iran

Is it "The beginning of World War III" as news breaks that the "US Army crossed Iran's borders" and there are now "20000 US Soldiers in Iran" which in effect means "USA declares war on Iran" as a number of reports are suggesting?

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