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Friday, 30 January 2009 18:56

Active Directory for Linux draws closer

You may not consider it a "killer app" but one thing restricting Linux deployment in enterprises is an implementation of Microsoft's Active Directory (AD.) However, AD for Linux is on its way in Samba version 4 and is sure to annhilate a barrier to Linux adoption in business.

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Tuesday, 09 December 2008 05:10

Optus scores $143m Federal Gov't telecoms contract

Optus has scored a four year contract from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIC) to provide 'whole of business' telecommunications services, worth an estimated $143 million.

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The University of Leicester in England is launching a major programme to help develop a new paradigm for future global computing environments. In order to improve code and data mobility over wide area networks the boffins will, err, study Ancient Mediterranean crafts-people from the late bronze age through to classical times...

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