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Australian news businesses that are arguing for a news media code to ensure that digital platforms pay for their content are trying to turn back time and make the Internet much less open and its business models less diverse, the Internet pioneer Vint Cerf, a Google vice-president and Internet Evangelist, claims.

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Key privacy issues inherent to current blockchain platforms, suggesting greater effort should be made to refine the technology so it conforms to privacy rights and expectations, are amongst the key findings of new research from the University of South Australia.

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At the US National Press Club, ‘Father of the Internet’ Vint Cerf and Chief Internet Evangelist at Google talks IPv6 for ‘Internet of Things' and more.

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Dr. Vint Cerf - often called the 'Father of the Internet' (along with Dr. Bob Kahn, and others), now chief Internet evangelist at Google - gave a fascinating recent lecture at Stanford University about the Internet's development, its successes, surprises along the way,  areas where it hasn't succeeded, and ways that it should be improved.

Thursday, 03 February 2011 13:43

IANA has run out of IPv4 addresses

There's no need to panic (yet!) but the last blocks of IPv4 addresses have now been allocated to the Regional Internet Registries.  IANA has none left.

Published in Networking

Given that the focus of the 12th Australian national Linux conference is the internet, it was fitting that Dr Vint Cerf, one of the fathers of the global network, gave the first keynote in Brisbane this morning.

Published in Open Sauce

Internet pioneer Vint Cerf - now chief Internet evangelist at Google - told an Internet industry gathering in Sydney that he was envious of the NBN and would be pushing for the US take a similar approach.

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