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GUEST RESEARCH: Threats against the manufacturing sector continue to persist—from ransomware groups that steal victim’s data before encrypting it to nation-state attackers seeking technology secrets and to company insiders looking for information to grab and sell to the highest bidder. Crippling ransomware attacks can even halt assembly lines and disrupt supply chains.

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Publicly accessible Salesforce communities have been discovered to be misconfigured and expose sensitive information, according to findings from Varonis’ research team.

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Forty-four percent (44%) of cloud privileges are misconfigured and users often have overly-broad privileges which are mis-assigned due to a security team oversight or malicious activity, according to cybersecurity company Varonis’ latest security risk report.

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Data and security company Varonis names Intalock, provider of cybersecurity solutions, as its Certified Delivery Partner. The partnership will assist organisations in protecting their sensitive data.

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Wednesday, 16 June 2021 13:04

Varonis warns the dangers of bad data management

GUEST OPINION: Varonis’ research found that on average, 53% of organisations hold stale data, 87% of companies possess more than 1,000 stale files, and 71% has more than 5,000. Such mismanagement may lead to breach of the law.

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The emergence of Microsoft 365 and Azure and the acquisition of Polyrize has led Varonis to launch DatAdvantage Cloud, a solution that classifies and protects data and can stop advanced threats.

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GUEST OPINION by Adam Gordon, ANZ Country Manager, Varonis: The rise of cyber-attacks on Australia’s healthcare sector highlights just how important it is for organisations to have tight control over their data – this means knowing exactly who has access to what, and which data presents the highest risk if it were to be exposed.

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COVID-19 provided fertile ground for attackers to sow confusion and take advantage of healthcare organisations on the front lines, according to global cybersecurity company Varonis.

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Thursday, 17 December 2020 16:53

Make 2021 the Year of Data-Centric Security

GUEST OPINION by Tim Roughton, regional sales manager at Varonis: In 2020, many organisations struggled to secure their networks against the expanded threat surface created by the sudden transition to remote work. Businesses sped up plans to move to the cloud and relied on new collaboration approaches and adoption of tools to keep business moving. Companies focused on ensuring business continuity and remote access — all too often at the expense of security.

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Friday, 20 November 2020 12:32


GUEST RESEARCH:  Varonis, a global pioneer in data security, has just released its 2021 Financial Services Data Risk Report, which delves into the state of data security in the banking, insurance, and investment sectors.

Financial services remains one of the most targeted industries by malicious attacks, partly due to the sensitive data it collects from customers, with the average cost of a data breach among the highest of any industry at 5.85 million USD. Despite the need to protect this sensitive data, on average, every employee has access to nearly 11 million files.

The abrupt transition to remote work has exponentially increased this risk, with employees logging in through unsecured networks and home computers. Furthermore, it has potentially increased the response time to a data breach.

Some of the key findings include:

  • A financial services employee has access to nearly 11 million files. For larger companies, the number doubles to 20 million files.
  • 20% of all folders are open to every employee.
  • 39% of companies have over 10,000 stale — but enabled — user accounts.
  • Nearly two-thirds of companies have 1,000+ sensitive files open to every employee.
  • About 60% of companies have 500+ passwords that never expire.

The full Varonis report can be accessed here.

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Adam Gordon is the new ANZ Country Manager of cybersecurity company Varonis, and he joins iTWire for a Q&A session about the state of cybersecurity in 2020, and how its solutions are different - and better.

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