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Tuesday, 02 September 2008 09:43

Opinion: Web 2.0 - an inedible Pie!

The pie-in-the-sky hype surrounding "Web 2.0" seems to have enticed some organizations to the honey pot with less than impressive results. Buzzwords abound: is Web 2.0 the same as Web Services or SOA, and does Web 2.0 have to be implemented using AJAX techniques? Where are we now with all this, and where's it all leading?

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Thursday, 14 August 2008 11:35

Major feature missing from Adobe Reader 9?

Adobe Reader 9, part of the Adobe Acrobat 9 package, seems to have omitted an important user interface feature that was present in earlier Reader releases, making its usability worse rather than better. I hope this wasn't part of a nefarious plan by Adobe Systems, but just an amazingly clumsy oversight!

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The initial wave of excitement has calmed down and many iPhone 3G users are left wondering how to get that little bit more from the latest Jesus Phone. iTWire has the answer, well 10 of the hottest of them around to be precise...

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