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The iPhone Dev Team says the iPhone OS 2.0 software can be jailbroken and unlocked, and have videos to prove it. But original iPhone hacker Geohot says that while jailbreaking is easy and original iPhones with older basebands can be unlocked, the iPhone 3G is a different story and will take much longer. What’s going on?!

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The iPhone Dev Team, which had previously unlocked beta versions of the iPhone OS 2.0 software, has claimed that it unlocked the officially released 2.0 software even before it became officially available to download – but the world will have to wait until next week to get it.

Published in Mobility
If you got a new iPhone 3G yesterday or today, depending where in the world you are, then you are probably happily exploring the version 2.0 software and the third party apps that it supports. If you are an existing Apple customer trying to upgrade, it appears you can go hang. Just like the iTunes Store is doing...

Published in Mobility




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