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Nokia’s N96 smartphone is well positioned to be its flagship N-Series phone of 2008, ready to capture as much of the frenetic Christmas/end-of-year/holiday shopping season as possible in the face of the iPhone assault, while also having brought its own iPhone-clone to some markets pre-2009 – but not Australia, the US or Europe.

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Friday, 12 September 2008 16:33

Apple iPod upgrade fatigue? I don't think so

CRN blogger Brian Kramer is suffering a bout of iPod upgrade fatigue, despite the fact he thinks he’ll buy one anyway, already owns an iPod and is a Mac user. Too bad for Kraemer he isn’t as funny as the real Kramer, who looks a heck of a lot funnier than Jerry Seinfeld in the new Microsoft ad!

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Wednesday, 23 July 2008 18:59

iMessage to Apple: iPhone OS 2.0 sucks

Hi Apple! I love the iPhone, but you’ve seriously screwed things up with iPhone OS 2.0 – an operating system that is reminding me of the original OS X 10.0 and the new 10.5.x in its bugginess, an OS that desperately needs updating to a more stable version. Can we hurry it up, please?

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