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Australia's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for February 2022 has come out as 4.0%, which is a further drop from January’s 4.2%. It is the lowest jobless rate since August 2008 and the global financial crisis of that year and comes amid a further easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

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Employment opportunities for Australian executives are growing again after two months of coronavirus lockdown, according to a report by executive search firm EL Consult, and despite IT executive job advertising falling by 1% in May.

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More than two million Australians were out of work in April, with 2.16 million - or 15.3 % of the total workforce - joining the unemployment queues in the month, according to a new report.

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Nearly 1.1 million Australians - or 7.8% of the workforce - were unemployed in October and to compound the bad news an additional 1.2 million (8.9% of the workforce) are now under-employed.

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Automation of Australia’s workforce may not have such a negative effect on jobs and employment, according to new research which shows that more jobs are expected to be created — especially in finance — by automation.

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Despite avoiding a drop off in October, demand for executives in the IT sector dropped 9% in November, continuing a three-year period of generally flat demand in the technology industry.

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The IT sector has failed to maintain large gains in job opportunities for executives recorded in August, with a drop of 27% in September off a small base.

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The outlook for job seekers is increasingly positive, with employer intentions to hire reaching an 18-month high in the wake of the recent drop in Australia’s official unemployment rate.

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Wednesday, 04 December 2013 13:09

Mixed signals on Australia, NZ ICT jobs market

The Australian and New Zealand ICT jobs market is a mixture of good, not so good and bad. Research released today highlights a contradictory employment landscape, and prompts a warning that a lack of talent to fill specialised roles may impact Australia’s ability to maintain a globally recognised technology sector.

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Thursday, 30 July 2009 19:02

Jobs rebound imminent, says leading headhunter

There’s good news on the job front, with the dramatic decline in demand for Australian executives late last year coming to a halt and new forecasts of a rebound and recovery over coming months in the wider employment market.




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