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Australians are closing the skills shortage gaps and adapting to the new digital era, according to the fourth annual Global Skills Report released by online learning platform Coursera which also shows that out of 100 countries, Australia’s global ranking has improved since last year, jumping from 40th to 39th in technology skills.

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GUEST RESEARCH: Ping Identity (NYSE: PING), the intelligent identity solution for the enterprise, and Yubico, the leading provider of hardware authentication security keys, surveyed IT leaders across the globe, including in Australia, to determine their appetite for passwordless solutions. Overwhelmingly, the desire was clear to adopt more secure and convenient methods of passwordless authentication. They cited gains in security, productivity, and customer experience as key drivers.

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Australian consumers lead mobile wallet use and adoption of digital banking tools, beating users in the US or UK, according to a new survey by modern card issuing platform Marqeta.

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British security researcher Kevin Beaumont has listed details about a backdoor that is claimed to infect Linux systems, with the consulting firm PwC having documented it as well. Both claim the threat emanates from China.

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Russian security firm Kaspersky is facing a fresh probe into its anti-virus software, which has been stepped up since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a report claims.

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Chinese surveillance camera manufacturer Hikvision is the latest firm from that country to face the threat of US sanctions, with a report saying that the action would be taken on the alleged grounds of enabling human rights abuses.

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Smartphone sales in the US fell 6% year-on-year in the first quarter of 2022, the technology analyst firm Counterpoint Research reports, adding that this was due to a cooling of demand that had been generated by the pandemic.

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China's biggest memory manufacturer is claimed to have supplied telecommunications equipment vendor Huawei Technologies with chips, violating American export controls.

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When the phrase "the Pacific family" is used by the Australian Government, one knows what is happening: some Australian politician has gone across to one of the Pacific islands, handed out a bit of dosh, and tried to heavy the natives to fall in line with Australian policies. Which mirror American policies – or perhaps that last bit goes without saying.

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Technology analyst firm Counterpoint Research has put online a claim that Motorola became the third biggest smartphone OEM in the US in 2021 for the first time.

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As WikiLeaks founder and publisher Julian Assange remains in the UK's Belmarsh Prison, waiting for the next move in the US bid to extradite him, WikiLeaks has released long and short versions of the Collateral Murder video that shows unprovoked killings by US forces in Iraq in 2010.

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In the days prior to Russia's invasion of Ukraine and thereafter, there have been numerous people in the infosec business who have predicted that there would be a massive outbreak of what they characterised as cyber-conflict between these two countries. But little or nothing has eventuated.

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A group of technology analysts believe that the new iPhone SE announced by Apple on Tuesday will sell well despite a higher price tag due to its 5G support making it equal with its key competitors in the mid-end segment.

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Tensions rise between US mobile operators and the airline industry over the deployment of 5G in the C-band, requiring the White House to step in and negotiate a path forward.

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American efforts to curb chip sales in China have not succeeded, according to an analysis of data for 2020 by the Semiconductor Industry Association, a lobby group for the US semiconductor industry.

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Say what you like about Barnaby Joyce, the Australian deputy prime minister knows when to interject himself into an issue and make himself relevant. He has very finely tuned political antennae.

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Integrated energy company bp and digital transformation of energy management and automation provider Schneider Electric have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) designed to help decarbonise high-emission customers in Australia, the European Union, UK. and, US.

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Apple retained its lead in the US smartphone market in the third quarter, even as the overall market showed 9% growth quarter-on-quarter and 1% growth year-on-year, the technology analyst firm Counterpoint Research says.

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A partner of a venture capital firm set up by the CSIRO to help build deep tech start-ups says one of the main factors that is holding Australia back from building up a semiconductor sector is visa and travel restrictions.

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London's Daily Mail does not normally receive praise for the journalism it produces, but it has recently been lauded by an unlikely source: the Conti ransomware gang.

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