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From prior to TrustDefender through to ThreatMetrix today, Andreas Baumhof has been at the cutting edge of cyber security, with his annual cybercrime predictions definitely worth perusing.

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Global US-based cybercrime protection firm Threatmetrix has released its latest Fall 2014 Release with a host of new and upgraded enterprise-class security solutions, turning things up past 11… to 12!

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Wednesday, 11 January 2012 10:52

ThreatMatrix acquires Australia's TrustDefender

California based Internet security specialist ThreatMetrix has acquired privately held Australian company TrustDefender, a developer of secure browsing technology designed to stop man-in-the-browser (MitB) attacks and provide malware protection.

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When you live in 'bank world' and want to make life easier for everyone else that doesn't, you need to do what the Commonwealth Bank is doing: enabling real-time mobile banking on any device, any time and virtually anywhere.

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Although Kaspersky Lab has done a lot of analysis on the worrisomely evolving TDSS malware, and has released its own rootkit killer, BitDefender has also come forth with its own TDL4 removal tool protection.

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Uh-oh, a survey of only 1200 people is being used by the Federal Government to 'developed a new National Identity Security Strategy', raising fears that the 'Australia Card' still might be coming back, while showcasing how ineffectual Government efforts have been in offering much protection against ID theft.

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With the March RSA hack still ringing in the ears of token users, banks and any organisation that uses tokens for two-factor authentication, the world must finally learn that authentication does not equal security, as cyber criminals use malware to easily hijack authenticated but insecure sessions.

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EXCLUSIVE: TrustDefender, the company that secures internet transactions between banks, other online organisations and your computer, has just launched its new TDpro for Mac as a brand new beta.

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Australian security software titan, TrustDefender, has launched a new version 3.0 of its flagship TrustDefender Pro technology, a new 'Central Intelligence Server' and TrustDefender Zero, a new fraud risk management solution all designed to 'reduce the risk of online fraud' targeting the growing expansion of mobile devices used for online transactions.

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Tuesday, 29 March 2011 15:27

Consumers lose internet security battle

Individual internet users can no longer expect to be able to manage their own online security according to the head of Australia's peak internet association- and the arrival of the National Broadband Network could compound the problem.

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Australia's financial, transactional and global IT security colossus, TrustDefender, warns that while 2010 was 'the year of cybercrime', 2011 will see the trend get worse - and more specific - as the 'year of malware attacks'. Take cover!

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Saturday, 30 October 2010 15:11

TrustDefender makes EMEAzing new appointment

Australia's global online transaction security behemoth, TrustDefender, has appointed top gun Tim Thompson to bring added zing and lead its sales in the European, Middle East and Asian (EMEA) regions.   

Published in People Moves
Saturday, 09 October 2010 21:44

10/10/10 Internet virus rumour is cods/wal/lop?

If you've heard rumours of an Internet virus set to go off at 10:10am on the 10th of October 2010, or 10.10am 10/10/10, Sophos's Internet security expert Graham Cluley says it has 'no basis in fact', 'implies that you should take less care on other dates' and is 'codswallop' - but should you be worried?

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The 2011 versions of AVG's free and paid security suites have arrived, set to further cement AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition's popularity, propel LinkScanner into greater use on PCs and Macs, increase retail sales of AVG's 2011 Internet Security and new PC tune-up software while convincing more users of the free editions to upgrade to paid versions. AVG's future looks well above average!

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Anthony Scott Harrison, from the major Australian city of Adelaide, has pleaded guilty to a range of counts of technological offences that saw him create a software trojan to steal banking and credit card details from PCs, striking 3000 of them around the world and in Australia, with 74,000 more PCs targeted for infection.

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Former tech veep of Fidelity Investments, and tech geek, Joseph McGrath, has joined TrustDefender's US operations to further the strategic initiative of defending trust online, worldwide.

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Empowered by unique technology and a buoyed by a stunning $16m investment in Australia, despite the global financial crisis, TrustDefender is taking its technology to the world's top tier financial instutitions and expects strong security success.

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After being identified by the Australian Financial Review's MIS Magazine in late 2007 as one of 25 rising stars in the Australian business landscape, and having won several awards, TrustDefender has found a solid source of Australian funding, proving that Australians don't always need to go overseas to get a company funded!
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Friday, 05 February 2010 22:45

Interview with a trust defender: Ted Egan, CEO

Emerging Australian security powerhouse TrustDefender is quietly beavering away and winning big deals in the UK and Europe to uniquely secure the authentication, log-in process and session used by some of the continent's biggest financial institutions, other enterprises and their customers, putting the trust back into Internet transactions where traditional security solutions have failed.
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Thursday, 17 December 2009 06:26

Review: Norton Internet Security 2010

Last year when I looked at what was then the groundbreaking Norton Internet Security 2009, I billed it as a lean, mean, malware fightin’ machine, but with the new 2010 version, it’s an even faster malware blaster!
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