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Spammers sending messages laden with malware, be it spyware, viruses or programs to trap our computers in nefarious botnets are getting trickier and trickier in their attempts to get us to not only click on an email, but open the attachment. The latest one is as evil as ever, and could fool plenty of people into clicking.

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Friday, 14 March 2008 09:10

SubRosaSoft has me stumped

As Stuart Corner pointed out, SubRosaSoft's MacForensicsLab recently published a white paper describing the history of malware and recommending some changes that Apple could make to improve Mac OS X security. But would those changes really help?

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Nobody wants to lose their e-mail. So, for Gmail users, G-Archiver seemed like a great buy. For $US 29.95 this shareware app will make a duplicate of your Gmail account on your hard disk, for as many accounts as you like. What its users didn't count on was that G-Archiver's authors helped themselves to your Gmail username and password too.
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