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Hosted, and generally free, office applications are being touted as a big threat to Microsoft's dominance of the desktop, but a survey of US Internet consumers found that free desktop based office apps like OpenOffice are what Microsoft should fear most. For now at least.

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If you could pay US $70 to get a one-year copy of Office Home and Student Edition, and Internet security package OneCare, which you could install on three PCs in the home – which needs to be renewed every year – would you?

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Tuesday, 13 May 2008 02:02

ThinkFree thinks mobile UPDATED

ThinkFree,  an alternative to Microsoft's Office suite of applications has announced a ThinkFree Mobile  a new version that will allow users to read, write, edit and organise documents, spreadsheets and presentations on Windows Mobile and Linux based mobile devices. (this article originally stated incorrectly that ThinkFree was open source)

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