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A report accusing China of conducting attacks on India's power grid has been attributed to a cyber-security firm named Insikt Group, by the British website, The Register.

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In what is an unusual turn of events, a Chinese security firm has revealed details about malware that it says emanated from the portals of the US National Security Agency.

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Linux creator Linus Torvalds has poured cold water on claims by the British tech news site The Register that the release of the 5.13 kernel was in any way unusual.

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Google has very cleverly got its way as far as the news media code is concerned, leading Australian politicians on and ensnaring them in a very neat trap. And the company has ensured that nobody will lose face as a result of all the threats.

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The social media site Twitter has once again shown it has somewhat twisted priorities by taking down the account of Swiss IT consultant and developer Tillie Kottmann who exposed consultancy firm Deloitte's lack of technical nous.

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When people come to the point where they consider the use of the word "bull***t" as abuse, things have indeed come to a pretty pass. The British tech website, The Register, apparently considers that Linux creator Linus Torvalds must only use honorifics and sees his use of this word as good reason to write 600 words in the hope of clicks.

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Explosive allegations by the whistleblower website WikiLeaks that the CIA had devised a means to impersonate exfiltration attempts from computers infected with its malware implants as being from Kaspersky Lab have been largely ignored by the mainstream US and tech media.

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Microsoft has admitted that a part of its Windows 10 source code has leaked on the Web even as the site that claimed that 32TB had leaked quietly toned down the headline on its story.

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