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More than 10 million members and 10 years after it was launched, the telecommunications Do Not Call Register has been strengthened with a new batch of improvements giving  enhanced protections to consumers from unwanted telemarketing.

Published in Telecoms & NBN

New Zealand’s competition enforcement and regulatory agency, the Commerce Commission, is undertaking a review of the regulations under which telecommunications infrastructure provider Chorus charges retail telcos for use of its local copper lines and broadband service.

Published in Telecoms & NBN

Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) says the Attorney-General should reject most of the requests for warrantless access to telecommunications metadata from various agencies.

Published in Government Tech Policy
Wednesday, 02 December 2015 14:23

ACMA releases 1800 mhz band for remote areas

The Australian Communication and Media Authority has released an information paper to telecommunications services providers on spectrum licensing and regulatory arrangements for the 1800 MHz band in regional and remote Australia.

Published in Telecoms & NBN
Thursday, 13 August 2015 05:24

Labor pulls back on telco security bill

Emboldened by the Government’s trouble on other fronts, the ALP is no longer in lock-step on anti-terrorism matters. It is urging a rethink on the proposed telco security laws.

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South Australia-based communications provider MIMP Connecting Solutions is teaming up with Flinders University to provide students with access to cutting edge telecommunications equipment.

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The fourth edition of the Communications Law Centre's guide to Australian Telecommunications Regulation has been published, and at more than 600 pages is almost double the size of the previous edition, published in 2004.

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A year after he launched the ACMA's 'Reconnecting the Customer' enquiry into customer service in the telecommunications industry, ACMA chairman, Chris Chapman, has signalled strongly that the outcome will be tougher regulation, as he continues to pan the industry's customer service standards.

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The Australian Communications Consumers Action Network (ACCAN) has called for the current self-regulatory telecoms consumer protection regime to be replace with a mandatory system that would require telcos to adhere to 'high level principles'; industry body, Comms Alliance has been quick to oppose the idea.

Published in Technology Regulation

Communications minister, senator Stephen Conroy, has released a discussion paper on proposals for the Universal Service Obligation reforms that will be needed if the agreement with Telstra over its role in the NBN is consummated.

Published in Technology Regulation
Wednesday, 10 March 2010 16:37

Is Optus pushing the limits of 'unlimited'?

With VHA making much of its new 'post paid plans with 'unlimited' on-net calling and with Virgin Mobile countering by pointing out that it has offered the same 'for years' it seems that Virgin's parent, Optus, it seems, couldn't resist getting in on the act by announcing new prepaid offerings that it claims are 'virtually unlimited'.

Published in Cornered!
Wednesday, 10 March 2010 15:52

ITU report backs Rudd Government telecoms policy

The International Telecommunication Union has given broad support to the Rudd Government's telecommunications policy of funding the NBN in parallel with a tightening of regulation, in a wide-ranging report looking at telecommunications regulatory reform worldwide.

Published in Government Tech Policy
Thursday, 03 December 2009 12:27

ACCC 'squibs' on pricing reform

Telstra's competitors are angry at the ACCC's decision to maintain the status quo on regulated prices for access to key Telstra wholesale services, claiming that the ACCC has reneged on long-promised reforms that would have seen prices come down significantly.

Published in Government Tech Policy
Failure of the telecoms reform bill to get through Parliament has given Telstra a window of opportunity to wring from the Government more favourable terms in return for its involvement in the NBN.

Published in Cornered!
Telecom New Zealand has secured an extension the deadlines for separating its IT systems, required as part of the operational separation undertakings given to the New Zealand Government.

Published in Government Tech Policy
Tuesday, 27 October 2009 15:02

Telco veteran joins Ovum Australia

A 20-year veteran of the telecommunications industry has been appointed head of Ovum’s consulting business in Australia and New Zealand to manage what the firm says is “continued and consistent growth within this segment of the business.”

Published in People Moves
ACCAN is proposing an amendment to the telecoms legislation that would be "truly historic for enhancing end-user welfare, both for consumers and business, and in so doing strengthen the development of a networked information economy."

Published in Strategy
NBN Co is only in the early stages of designing the national broadband network, but according to Deloitte, it should already be factoring likely end user demands into its plans.

Published in Strategy
Australia’s federal government has come out with an offer that Australia’s dominant and supposedly independent telco, Telstra, seemingly cannot refuse: structurally separate the company or the government will do it for you.

Published in Fuzzy Logic
Consumer protection aspects of telecoms legislation - such as the standard telephone service, the provision of payphones and the customer service guarantee will be tightened considerably under the proposed new telecommunications legislation and much greater control given to the minister and the ACMA.

Published in Strategy
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