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Uswitch is a UK-based comparison and switching service, like Finder is in Australia, and it has published research on where in the world people are most curious about the dark web, based on Google Keyword Planner data.

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Researchers from the US and the UK have found that only a small fraction of those who use the Tor browser — which can access sites on the so-called dark web — are likely to do so for malicious purposes.

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A well-known security researcher has pointed out a major flaw in an article about hacking published by the Australian Financial Review on 26 June: its over-eagerness in attributing attacks, when that is the toughest part of a threat analyst's job.

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Security outfit Sophos claims that funds extracted from victims of sextortion schemes have been deposited by cyber criminals in bitcoin wallets.

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Exploit vendor Zerodium, which made headlines in September last year by offering a million-dollar bounty for any zero-day exploits in the Tor browser running on Tails Linux or Windows, has itself released a zero-day exploit for the browser.

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Google has thrown a spanner into the works of developers who have been using domain-fronting in the Google App Engine to avoid Internet censorship by using Google's network.

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In an explosive revelation, the Tor Project, which produces a browser said to be the gold standard for privacy, is being funded by the US Government agency BBG and co-operates with American intelligence agencies, a report claims.

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Thursday, 14 September 2017 11:02

Million-dollar bounty offered for Tor exploits

An exploit vendor has offered a bounty of US$1 million for zero-day exploits that target the Tor browser on Tails Linux and Windows.

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Free encrypted email service ProtonMail has launched an equally free encrypted ProtonVPN service designed specifically to combat online surveillance and censorship. It promises it won’t abuse user trust like Google, Facebook, et al.

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Wednesday, 26 April 2017 10:15

Debian developer held over alleged role in riots

A Debian developer in Russia, who runs a Tor exit node at his home and was arrested earlier this month on suspicion of organising riots, will be held in custody until June 8.

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The US government has dropped two child pornography cases against a man rather than reveal material available on WikiLeaks, which is still classified, in court.

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Government investigators in Washington state have dropped all charges against a man charged with child pornography offences, rather than reveal the technological means they used to locate him.

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Friday, 20 January 2017 08:56

ProtonMail fights censorship with Tor

ProtonMail has introduced a new Tor (The Onion Router) based, hidden service to combat email censorship and surveillance.

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Members of the Tor Project are calling for a 24-hour shutdown of the Tor network on 1 September to protest against the manner in which the sexual harassment against Jacob Appelbaum were dealt with and rumours that it is letting government agents into its ranks.

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The Queensland Police Service's Taskforce Argos has refused to comment on allegations made by an American technology news website that its members hacked into computers of Americans who were part of a child pornography ring on the dark web, in a bid to identify their actual IP addresses.

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The Tor Project has sacked two more of its members after completing an investigation into the allegations of sexual harassment surrounding developer Jacob Appelbaum.

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Linux Australia has done a backflip on its stance over privacy advocate Jacob Appelbaum who was recently thrown out of several software groupings following numerous accusations of sexual harassment.

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The Debian GNU/Linux project says that former Tor developer Jacob Appelbaum is no longer welcome at its events, after charges of sexual misconduct were levelled against him.

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An online article supposedly reveals the encryption tools that spies can’t hack, but the list doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

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Kim Dotcom offered the PSN and Xbox Live hackers, Lizard Squad, vouchers to his MegaPrivacy service, which ‘stopped’ the attacks, but there are still issues preventing many from logging in to both services.

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