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MGM Wireless has appointed former GoPro and Walt Disney marketing and sales executive Jason Le as director of digital marketing, strategy and product development to spearhead online sales for its Spacetalk children’s smartphone watch.

Published in People Moves
Tuesday, 03 September 2013 12:21

Gearbox working on next-gen games

The team behind the wildly popular Borderlands games is working on two games for Xbox One and PS4, according to studio boss Randy Pitchford.

Published in Entertainment
Tuesday, 16 July 2013 21:28

Saints Row IV will be released in Australia

The recent addition of a R18+ rating for video games in Australia was widely celebrated by proponents of the rights of adults to consume all forms of entertainment aimed at them.  And then two games were refused classification, State of Decay and Saints Row IV.  Well State of Decay has been slightly altered and will be released, and all indications are that Saints Row IV will now make its way to Australian retail shelves.

Published in Radioactive IT
Tuesday, 23 April 2013 10:40

THQ cleans out its closet

Bankrupt game developer THQ today announced that most of its remaining game catalogue and IP has been sold off in another round of auctions.

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Those kind folk over at the Humble Bundle have done it again, offering up some real nice PC games for a ridiculously small price, and a ridiculously good cause.

Published in Entertainment
Thursday, 11 October 2012 09:35

THQ dissolves in Australia

Having been on shaky ground for some time now, THQ (Darksiders, Saints Row, Warhammer 40K: Space Marine) has taken the step to close down its office in Melbourne.

Published in Entertainment
Today, THQ Australia has announced the retail specific pre-order bonuses for the up and coming game in the Saint's Row series.
Published in Entertainment
Wednesday, 10 August 2011 13:50

THQ closes Australian studios

sunsetOfficially it is a studio realignment allowing THQ to focus on strategic initiatives, but for many Australian video game employees the closure of THQ in Brisbane and Blue Tongue Entertainment in Melbourne will mean a scramble for new employment in what is increasingly becoming an independent development scene.

Monday, 06 June 2011 18:25

uDraw coming to Xbox, PS3

THQ's uDraw GameTablet is heading for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in time for Christmas.

Published in Entertainment

Publisher THQ has given iTWire some early hands on action time with the latest Relic Entertainment title to bring the war-torn universe of Games Workshop's Warhammer 40K to digital life.  Space Marine is a third person action game that puts you in the gigantic magnetised boots of humanities greatest warriors, pitted against humanities most fearsome enemies.

Published in Radioactive IT
Thursday, 24 February 2011 01:05

THQ brings uDraw GameTablet for Wii to Australia

A pressure-sensitive graphics tablet for the Nintendo Wii goes on sale in Australia today, along with the first compatible games. The uDraw GameTablet looks like a fun peripheral.

Published in Entertainment
Wednesday, 22 December 2010 17:23

'Tis the season for a silly Steam sale

There must be something in the eggnog around the Valve headquarters, as the company's Steam Christmas sale has outdone virtually every other gaming sale in history.  

Published in Entertainment
Thursday, 11 November 2010 14:28

Wagglefree de Blob 2 - High Def hands on

iTWire was part of a small privileged group of journalists to be the first outside of THQ with hands on de Blob 2 time.  This time the colour revolution makes the jump from Wii to the beautiful rich high definition world of PS3 and Xbox 360.
Published in Radioactive IT
It wasn’t all dark at the THQ/CAPCOM game night recently, whilst Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles and Vigil’s Darksiders were available, so were the lighter moments in gaming with Drawn To Life: The Next Chapter plus Marvel Super Hero Squad were also on show.

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