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In a traffic jam, late for work or an appointment, cursing those who set the traffic lights to change to red always when you’re running late, or in a taxi and the driver has no idea of the best and shortest route to get to where you’re going? Well, some of your worries might be over from today with Google’s release of a special Google Maps traffic feature that gives you instant information on what’s actually going on with the roads at the same time you’re out there battling the traffic.

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Wednesday, 26 August 2009 14:29

CA does its bit for the needy

Software vendor CA has pitched in for the third year in a row to help The Smith Family in giving computers to low-income families in Sydney’s south-western suburbs for just $50.

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Internode is aggressively going after marketshare in the highly competitive enterprise broadband market with the boosting of capacity in its New South Wales data centre and the launch of symmetrical high-speed DSL2 services in Sydney and Melbourne.

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