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A new "Surface Laptop Go" delivers a more affordable laptop price with 10th-gen Core i5 processors has arrived alongside an updated Surface Pro X with an SQ 2 ARM processor with more power and longer battery life, as have some new accessories.

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Tuesday, 13 November 2018 21:12

VIDEO: Surface Go with 4G LTE arriving 22 November

The wait for the 4G LTE-enabled Surface Go is nearly over, with pre-orders now open and 22 November being the date when the connected GO goes live, as Microsoft promotes Surface for Business as big beneficiaries.

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In light of Apple's latest "what's a computer" campaign, pitting ultra-reliable, richly app-laden iPads with long battery life against cheap Windows computers, are Kogan's notebooks a good deal?

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Microsoft’s Surface chief, Panos Panay, says Microsoft stands behind Surface, but to truly test its toughness, shouldn’t Microsoft stand ON Surface instead?

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The new Microsoft Surface Laptop and Surface Pro (2017) hit the shelves today in 25 markets – you can see them at the Microsoft Store in Pitt Street Mall, Sydney.

A report suggests the next Surface Pro is just an update of the Surface Pro 4, with the latest Kaby Lake Intel processor, new keyboard and stylus colours, but no USB-C.

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Microsoft announced late last week that it’s holding a special Surface event in Shanghai, promising to “show the world what’s next.”

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Rumoured for years, Microsoft might finally release a Surface Phone able to run x86 Windows desktop apps, with or without Continuum, on either Intel or ARM processors.

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Microsoft presented its best quarterly results since 2000 with the company rising above a US$500 billion market cap, its first since 2000, and posting a 55% return over the past two financial years.

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Microsoft has applied for a patent for a foldable phone-to-tablet device that portends the path to the future where everything it rollable, foldable and always connected.

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Microsoft says that November was its best month yet for Surface sales but offered no numbers to back up the claims.

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Friday, 02 December 2016 14:53

The Surface Dial is much more than a hockey puck

Microsoft has released its take on the all-in-one desktop — the Surface Studio — and also added in a left field item called a Surface Dial that may become indispensable to any Surface touch device.

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Friday, 25 November 2016 13:40

There is much more beneath the Surface

OPINION: A few years ago, the face of personal computing started to change from boring black and beige notebook and desktop PCs and Macs to new form factors. Surface, iPad Pro, hybrid, two-in-one — whatever you want to call them — have become the next great hope of personal computing.

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Saturday, 20 August 2016 15:35

Incase you like to travel in style

You like to travel in style – why not extend that courtesy to your laptop, notebook, MacBook et al?

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The 1st generation, 9.7” touch iPad was released in April 2010 – until then tablets were big, clunky, chunky, x86 based, touchable, Windows devices. Little wonder that the ensuing six generations of iPad really had the market mostly to itself.

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Telstra said its innovations, enabled by Microsoft’s Windows 10, are bringing the digital and physical retail worlds together for Australian customers like never before.

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The era of desktop and notebook computers may be drawing to a close, but the hybrid, detachable, two-in-one is on a rapid ascent. Specifically the Windows based, x86 version.

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Friday, 29 January 2016 08:47

150 more places to buy a Surface in Australia

Microsoft is making its family of Surface devices more widely available in Australia.

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The traditional Personal Computer BOX market may be declining but at least one company, Lenovo, does not care. It is betting the future on flexibility. We need more vision like this.

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Western Sydney University will provide 5,000 Microsoft Surface 3 devices to commencing students this year.

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