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When Gmail was telling me it was "offline" earlier today, in an outage I experienced that didn't seem to affect very many, and which resolved itself after about 15 minutes, I found some very interesting tweets reminding us all of some major tech moments that happened this week in history.

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Boasting new and exclusive Apple Arcade Originals, including Star Trek: Legends, are joined by two new categories, Timeless Classics and App Store Greats, all with no ads or in-app purchases, with the The breakthrough gaming service adding over 30 games from what Apple says are "today’s most-celebrated gaming franchises, brands, and creators."

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Time to get caught up in Star Trek technobabble and blast some Klingons into oblivion, avoid being assimilated and observe the prime directive with Star Trek: Bridge Crew.

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Streaming, the final video frontier. Netflix’s mission: to stream strange new Star Trek episodes, to seek out new new subscribers, to boldly stream every episode of Star Trek, ever.

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A totally new series of Star Trek will air from January 17, to air exclusively in the US on CBS All Access, the CBS SVOD service.

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Foxtel has a new TV commercial advertising its broadband service, but why does Foxtel depict itself in a ‘black ivory tower’ in the middle of a Mad Max wasteland?

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It’s time to drop the praise and ward people off a couple of new releases that don’t come up to the mark.  Dead Island: Riptide is hoping to ride the zombie themes rather tattered coat tails, whilst Star Trek is everything we hate about film tie-in video games.

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Monday, 06 December 2010 14:14

Kogan goes rogue-an on Harvey the Bogan

No need to call Paul Hogan for fireworks in the press, not when Ruslan Kogan is ready to go rogue and rip Gerry Harvey a new one'¦ yeow!

Published in Home Tech
Thursday, 22 April 2010 22:50

You gotta see the Sun as never before seen

The Solar Dynamics Observatory has provided NASA, and now You, with some exceptional images of the Sun, with a resolution no one has seen before of our own life-providing star. Media reports state that even solar physicists are blown away by the amazing sights.

Published in Space
Wednesday, 13 January 2010 05:22

Online Star Trek game launches open beta

The upcoming Star Trek Online MMO is in open beta and available for play as of today. The beta runs through January 26, with the game scheduled to launch on February 1.

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Friday, 18 December 2009 02:38

Digital Comics for PSP

A wide range of comics is now available on the PlayStation Portable platform.

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A Warp Drive video demonstration will be part of a physics lecture at a fantasy and science fiction convention being held in Columbus, Ohio, over the Memorial Day weekend. Where does science fiction end and science begin? Maybe research engineer and inventor Marshall Barnes can answer this question!

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Tuesday, 05 May 2009 19:26

Star Trek 2009: Coming to your local galaxy

The much-awaited, much-anticipated film Star Trek is approaching its launch date of May 7-8, 2009 as new Starfleet Academy members James Tiberius Kirk and his U.S.S. Enterprise crew battle Romulans who are attempting to destroy both Earth and Vulcan. I’m ready to be transported to my local theatre!

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British, Portuguese, and Swedish physicists have come up with a strong magnetic shield that may be able to protect astronauts from dangerous space radiation as they make extended missions to the Moon, Mars, and beyond. Better get Scotty to engineer the project!

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YouTube finally gets the right to legally show full length episodes of select TV shows, such as Star Trek, MacGyver and the original 90210 from CBS, then screws all those Internet users not in the US by saying "This video is not available in your country". Thanks YouTube and CBS for nothing!

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U.S. scientists are working on specific “odor profiles” that detect skin cancers, which someday may produce a fast, non-invasive test for diagnosing cancer, similar to the medical tricorder device used in the science fiction TV series Star Trek.

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Telecommunications, an ever expanding frontier. This is the latest chapter in the voyages of the Starship Telstra, it’s continuing mission to deliver new handsets, to seek out new customers and extend existing contracts, and to boldly go where its competitors will soon follow: the launch of the BlackBerry Bold!

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American physicists Gerald Cleaver and Richard Obousy are proposing a “hypothetical propulsion device” that could travel faster than the speed of light without violating any laws of physics. However, we’ll have to ask Scotty for enormous amounts of dilithium crystals!

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