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Israeli biologists have discovered for the first time a large species of spider that lives in the Middle East, specifically, in the dune in the Sands of Samar, a kibbutz (collective community) in the southern region of the Arava desert within Israel. The bad news is its habitat is being destroyed by human encroachment!

Published in Biology
Tuesday, 24 November 2009 19:52

Climate change producing new species: grolar bear

As grizzly bears move further into northern territories they are intermixing with polar bears, and the result is interbreeding between the two species, producing the grizzly-polar bear, or grolar bear. Scientists think that climate change may be responsible for grizzlies moving into these northern climates as they warm.

Published in Climate
Monday, 28 September 2009 17:55

New species discovered underground while Down Under

Australian researchers have discovered 850 new species while searching underground in the Australian Outback. The findings helps to confirm a much wetter climate for the area millions of years ago.

Published in Biology
The Australian Marine Conservation Society is putting the name of a recently discovered species of small, spotted shrimp on bid at eBay. The bidding is for environmental charity but your name could also go down in crustacean history!

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Who gets to give trees their names, and why would anyone call a new species the No Parking tree?

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According to the new book about Charles Darwin ("Darwin's Sacred Cause"), the main reason why he developed the controversial theory that all animals including humans evolved from a common ancestor was because of his hatred with the slavery of one group of humans by another group of humans.

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Scientists with the CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research unit have discovered hundreds of new marine species while exploring the Southern Ocean among a waterscape of extinct volcanoes.

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The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) produces an annual Red List of species threatened with extinction. Experts estimate that between 21 and 36% of mammal species are threatened with extinction around the world.

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A new species of ant, so different from other living ants that it has been nicknamed the “Ant from Mars,” has been discovered in the Brazilian rainforest.

Published in Biology
According to a long-duration U.S./U.K. study of an English grassland, the least productive grasslands in the world are likely to be the most resistant to major changes to the climate while, at the time, provide a much needed “sanctuary” to native plants and animals.

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