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Despite tough anti-spam measures in the US, and recent lawsuits against a MySpace spammer, the amount of spam and malware emanating from the US makes it the worst nation in the world for those twin digital evils – but China’s not far behind, and plenty of other countries are on the list, too.

Published in Security
Friday, 19 January 2007 20:10

European storms hide 'storm virus' attack

Virus writers are getting savvier every day. This time they're sending out emails claiming to have details on '230 dead as storm batters Europe', with a virus that gives hackers backdoor control to your computer.

Published in Security
Friday, 19 January 2007 19:04

Spam on IP telephony

Spam filters can easily be trained to give better than 90 per cent effectiveness with zero false positives, and for those who still suffer from a lot of spam in their inboxes, they are either not updating their spam databases often enough, or they just do not see the value of getting 90 per cent fewer email messages.

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