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Yes, it’s a Memory Stick with a mouthful of a name: the Sandisk Extreme III Memory Stick Pro-HG Duo, and with read/write speeds of 30MB per sec, it’s the fastest yet! Sony device owners, start your engines!

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Since 1979, when Seagate was called Shugart and the first hard drive stored a mere 5 megabytes, Seagate has shipped 1 billion hard drives and says it’s the first company to do so. 116,000 Terabytes are shipped each day – more than 1TB per second!

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Friday, 14 March 2008 19:08

Sansa Fuze or Sansa Snooze?

SanDisk is lighting the fuse that it hopes will see sales of its new mp3/video player, the Sansa Fuze, go off like a rocket. But even with the usual set of additional features not available on any iPod, is the Fuze the media player to use?

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