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A story about US mercenaries going to work for the UAE Government, without obtaining the necessary American clearances, was claimed as an exclusive in 2019 by two Reuters reporters – even though the yarn had already been told three years earlier by a reporter for The Intercept.

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ANALYSIS Claims that the Colonial Pipeline Company paid US$5 million as a ransom to the group behind the DarkSide Windows ransomware after it was attacked on 7 May need to be taken with a pinch of salt, seeing as the report was an "exclusive" from Bloomberg.

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A court battle to decide who was the inventor of bitcoin has been given the go-ahead by the London High Court, a Reuters report says.

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The kind of silly claims made by Western news media when it comes to cyber security attacks can be gauged from the latest "exclusive" put out by the British news agency Reuters: a claim that the FBI is investigating a postcard sent to security firm FireEye after it began looking closely at an attack on its own infrastructure.

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Despite threats of retaliation from the US, France has decided to go ahead with a 3% tax on big technology firms, asking them to pay the levy next month.

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Search behemoth Google may have another challenge on its hands next month, with a group of US states, both Republican and Democrat-run, planning a second anti-trust suit against the company.

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The British Government will reportedly set a deadline of 2025 for the removal of gear made by Chinese telecommunications equipment vendor Huawei Technologies from its 5G networks, a newspaper claims as reported by Reuters.

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American officials have agreed on three measures to prevent China from obtaining US technology that can be diverted for use in the military, a report claims, adding that the only step remaining for these curbs to take effect is for US President Donald Trump to sign them into law.

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Western hysteria over Huawei Technologies — and any one of a number of either Chinese or Russian companies — is not uncommon these days. But it is somewhat painful to see a news agency which claims to have credibility as Reuters does, just refusing to ask a few questions before running what is essentially a stupid story about Huawei.

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Cloud content management provider Box has appointed a regional leader for Australia and New Zealand, with former Pegasystems managing director Scott Leader to take up the role.

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Monday, 21 November 2016 12:33

Reuters Note7 poll appears to contradict itself

A poll carried out by Reuters and Ipsos on whether the Galaxy Note7 recall damaged Samsung's brand in the US has thrown up rather dubious findings.

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Yahoo! searched all its users' emails using a specially built program in order to try and locate specific information demanded by American intelligence officials, according to a Reuters report.

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Around half of the people in 26 countries surveyed by Reuters, including Australia, say they use social media as a source of news each week, with one in 10 saying it was their main source.

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Global media agency Reuters has deployed SAP HANA enterprise cloud service as part of its US presidential election coverage.

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Monday, 24 November 2014 06:55

Vodafone forced to deny sale speculation

Vodafone Australia – and the international Vodafone Group - needs to be very careful what it says. The smallest comment will set off the rumour mill.

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Chinese telecoms giant Huawei will spend US$300 million on advertising next year, according to a senior executive. The money will be used to raise the company’s profile in the consumer market – which means smartphones.

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Wednesday, 06 November 2013 18:03

Microsoft down to five CEO candidates

Tech giant Microsoft has reportedly narrowed down its list of potential CEO candidates to just five, including former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop and Ford's Alan Mulally.

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Thursday, 18 July 2013 12:57

Facebook back on front foot

Facebook is back in the good books, announcing an 18% year-on-year boost in monthly active users in the US and 22% in the UK.

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Wednesday, 12 October 2011 03:09

Bravura beefs up team

Global transfer agency and wealth management software vendor, Bravura Solutions, has appointed Daryl Wright as its product marketing manager, global wealth management for Australia.

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