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Imagine a next-gen smartphone with no notches or punch-hole cameras, that also doesn't require a pop-up camera due to next-gen under-screen camera (USC) tech: well, imagine no longer as Oppo has demonstrated it.

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Verizon has tested an "in-stadium pre-commercial 5G network connection to demonstrate how massive speed and bandwidth can bring live video and virtual reality experiences to new levels".

Published in Telecoms & NBN

The Machine from HPE has long been gestating, but a new prototype of the ‘world’s largest single-memory computer’ is meant to be vastly greater than just the Sherlock to IBM’s Watson.

Published in Business IT

Google, Skytruth and Oceana have joined forces to create ‘Global Fishing Watch’, which isn’t to display the best times for fishing on your smart watch but a big data platform leveraging satellite data to visualise, track and share info about fishing activity worldwide - legal or not.

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Tuesday, 07 October 2014 10:11

iPhone 6 prototype fetching over $100,000

While it may seme pretty far fetched a telco would send out a prototype iPhone 6 instead of the finished consumer model, it seems that's exactly what happened to one lucky user, who is now selling the phone on eBay.

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Secret agents in waiting, take note - British researchers have utilised laser technology and periscope science to develop a camera that can see people and objects hidden around corners.

Published in Security
Tuesday, 27 April 2010 09:58

iPod Touch prototypes going, going, gone

Just days following the theft of a protype of iPhone 4G, a pair of mysterious iPod Touches known as 'DVT-1 and DVT-2' have appeared on online auction site eBay.

Published in Mobility

It seems that the 'iPhone 4G' found in a California bar may be the real thing. But was it really lost?

Published in Core Dump
Friday, 19 February 2010 15:01

A 3D TV for ye and me by mid-2010 in Australia?

Panasonic has announced that its brand new prototype 3D TV, currently in Australia but quick to depart on the rest of its global tour, will cease being a prototype and instead a real product at retail by the middle of the year!
Published in Entertainment
Monday, 25 January 2010 03:04

IBM sets mag tape density record

IBM researchers have opened the door to a big increase in magnetic tape capacity by setting a new world record for areal data density.

So far, there are three “official” anti-virus partners for the Windows 7 beta – AVG, Symantec (with Norton 360 3.0 beta) and Kaspersky Lab, with the latter announcing the release of its Windows 7 solution as a “technical prototype”.

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