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Google's Project Zero, a team that releases details of vulnerabilities periodically, has changed its policy on disclosure, giving companies an additional 30 days for remediation before details of a bug are made public.

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Google has caused an anti-terrorist operation being run by a Western Government which is an ally of the US to be shut down by revealing details about the use of zero-day exploits in the campaign.

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A researcher from Google's Project Zero security team has written a detailed account of how he discovered a a memory corruption bug in the kernel of Apple's iOS operating system and then figured out numerous ways of using this flaw to attack other iPhones.

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Two zero-day bugs in Google's Chrome browser, both of which were being exploited in the wild, have been fixed, according to the company's Project Zero technical lead Ben Hawkes.

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After Google's very scary sounding Project Zero security report suggesting groups making a "sustained effort to hack the users of iPhones in certain communities over a period of at least two years", Apple has struck back.

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Google's video-sharing site YouTube has started to ban videos that show users how to get past software restrictions and provide instructions on information security.

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A member of Google's Project Zero security team has asked Apple chief executive Tim Cook to change the company's culture as far as iOS security goes, saying Apple merely fixes bugs and does not try to remove the systemic roots that lead to such vulnerabilities.

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Despite the abysmal security record of its Android mobile operating system, Google loves to boast of its prowess in the field of security. Most of the time it does this by trying to show it is superior to other technology companies, with the latest example being Samsung.

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Wednesday, 13 December 2017 06:18

Google researcher releases PoC code for iOS jailbreak

A researcher from Google's Project Zero has released proof-of-concept code to exploit a bug in Apple's iOS and macOS operating systems.

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Google has accused Microsoft of making online life riskier for those who use Windows 7 and Windows 8, compared to those who use Windows 10, as the latest bugs are not being fixed in the older versions.

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