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Last week, Fuji Xerox celebrated the 30th year of the laser printer with several new models, including colour lasers, LED and Phaser ‘solid ink’ printers. Although there are some consumer models, most are aimed at business and enterprise, with new ‘green’ models aimed at separating Fuji Xerox from the rest of the printing pack.

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Friday, 18 April 2008 04:48

Deluge of printers from HP

For most printer vendors, debuting three or four new models at once would be a big deal. But Hewlett-Packard has announced a raft of 18 laser and inkjet printers and multifunction devices that are relevant to markets ranging from the high end of SOHO through SMEs to enterprise customers.
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A new report indicates that Australian consumers are spending more than ever on technology but in many cases they don't have the skills to use it properly.  What's more, in many cases consumers are spending money on unnecessary new items that do the same job as products they already have.

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