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A researcher from Google's Project Zero security team has written a detailed account of how he discovered a a memory corruption bug in the kernel of Apple's iOS operating system and then figured out numerous ways of using this flaw to attack other iPhones.

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It's surprising that global cyber security firm Sophos has hidden from public view the fact that it has suffered a security breach which is said to have taken place during the week.

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Wednesday, 07 December 2011 13:38

Don't buy that used memory stick!

A recent 'purchasing raid' on Sydney's RailCorp lost property auction yielded 50 memory sticks, 66% of which contained malware.

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Facebook's ongoing reluctance to tighten the privacy and security of its users reveals the fundamental problem with its business model.  In order to maintain business relationships with the 'corporates' (who pay the bills), the users must be delivered on a platter.

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Thursday, 07 October 2010 13:05

Facebook privacy still awry says security expert

Social networking monster site Facebook needs to make a grassroots change to its security infrastructure, according to a security expert. In particular, Facebook should dump its opt-out and adopt a completely opt-in model for all of its features.

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Over the past few days, news outlets have been emulating those bogus virus warnings we regularly receive from well-meaning friends.  Here's the short answer: Khobe isn't a problem.

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