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Huawei's share of smartphone sales has fallen since former President Trump banned the company from using Google's services, but that hasn't stopped Huawei from continuing to produce phones, tablets and computers, with a suite of new products arriving at MWC Barcelona 2022.

Published in Home Tech

BlackBerry’s Research and Intelligence has released its "Old Dogs New Tricks" research paper which examines how threat actors are sneakily leveraging new and uncommon programming languages to evade detection and hinder threat analysis.

Published in Security

The Federal Minister for Home Affairs, Peter Dutton, and his office say that "ransomware continues to be a prevalent global threat, and cyber criminals pose a significant risk to Australians and Australian businesses."

Published in Government Tech Policy

Melbourne-founded document productivity company Nitro has launched Nitro Sign, a standalone electronic signature solution designed to allow anyone to get documents signed “smarter, faster, more securely” on any device – without the need for paper, pen or printers.

Published in Listed Tech

DocuSign is expanding its leadership team with Grant Cleary’s appointment "to serve a growing customer base moving from paper to digital in the region".

Published in People Moves

Not everyone can spring for a stylus-equipped iPad Pro or Samsung Galaxy Note phone or tablet, and sometimes you just want to capture ideas, text and drawings on paper.

Published in Home Tech

The ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock’ tournaments, held in Sydney and Melbourne last weekend courtesy of Presto https://www.presto.com.au were a rousing success!

Published in Entertainment

Sheldon’s ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock’ game will be played ‘for real’ in Australia in Sydney and Melbourne for the first time in the Southern Hemisphere this weekend.

Published in Entertainment

IBS delivers a practical webinar on how to avoid the 'Six Margin Killers' and gain competitive edge in the Paper & Packaging sector

Saturday, 12 December 2009 21:27

Recycled toilet paper may wipe out energy concerns

Toilet paper that is made from new wood uses much more energy to produce than toilet paper made from recycled paper. However, your bottom will lose out in the battle for softness. Find out just how green is your toilet paper.

Published in Climate
The mainstream market hasn’t yet embraced the use of electronic paper – otherwise known as e-paper – but its use is on the increase as a ‘greener’ rival to real paper.

Published in Market
Just how green can you be with your iPod in one hand and your iPhone in the other? Can onions and paper help you improve your place in the environmentally friendly tech stakes?

Published in Energy




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