My Apple Fool's day story titled 'Apple to release PC version of Leopard in Q3 ' was eventually recognised as a spoof by most readers. However, there was a discernible sentiment from many readers expressing a wish that it was in fact true. Now that Macs and PCs are based on the same hardware architecture, could Apple actually successfully put Leopard up against Vista?

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Thursday, 20 March 2008 05:28

Sims 3 details come out of the closet

Electronic Arts (EA) have revealed further details for the forthcoming Sims 3

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Part of the excellent value contained in Valves Orange Box:  Consisting of a full suite of Halflife 2 games (Full original plus the two episodic releases) and the multiplayer fun of Team Fortress 2, Portal, the puzzle portion of the game, deserves a review of its own.

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