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The company that operates the world's biggest single hydrocarbon network has admitted that it suffered a data leak, which it blamed on third-party contractors.

Published in Security

GUEST OPINION by Mark Fazackerley, Regional Vice President Australia and New Zealand at Talend:  Thanks to vast reserves of many resources, including oil, coal and minerals, Australia’s resources sector has grown to become a crucial part of the national economy.

Published in Guest Opinion

With the "oil and gas market influenced by several factors outside the control of companies", the "long-term competitiveness of O&G industry will depend on the use of technology", including AI.

Published in Development

Google heads three technology companies in Australia in the top 10 list of most in demand employers, according to a new survey from professional network LinkedIn. Mining and resources are also hot workplace destinations but there is no telco in sight.

Published in Enterprise Staff

Australian icon Dick Smith has lashed out at the government's energy policies, describing our economy as "extremely vulnerable" and calling for the support of nuclear energy.

Published in People Moves

Cadac Organice Cloud Solution provides Weatherford with a tailored document management system as per their requirements

Maersk Oil, a fully-owned subsidiary of A.P. Moller - Maersk, will implement the Cadac Organice Product Suite to manage and control its engineering documents

Cadac Organice helps engineering companies to maintain their as-built documents and avoid safety issues

Thursday, 03 December 2009 20:05

CSIRO scientists hit the waves virtually

Australian scientists at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) have created virtual ocean waves over twenty meters tall in order to test how different types of oil and gas rigs withstand the real monster waves that impact them in the open sea.

Published in Climate
Thursday, 14 August 2008 15:52

Biofuel green credentials: DEBUNKED!

A new report from the UK Renewable Fuels Agency admits that only 19 percent of biofuels meet environmental standards...

Published in Energy
Like most drivers these days, I've been exploring options for cutting costs which still enable me to run a car. It has been a surprise to discover that the Australian Government elected last year partially on its green credentials is actually more friendly to big oil than alternative energy.

Published in Beerfiles
Republican Senator John Warner recently suggested re-imposing a U.S. national speed limit to save gasoline. However, we won’t  need a national speed limit if all drivers voluntarily slowed down and used other fuel efficient measures. It would also be good for the world.

Published in UNI-verse
As headlines go it is an unusual one, but true nonetheless. Microsoft is giving its small business customers who supply their contact data the chance to win 5,000 gallons of gas. Conditions do, of course, apply...

Published in Strategy
Whether you believe it or not, the world is running out of oil. Scientists aren’t sure if the peak of oil production has already occurred or will happen sometime in the very near future, but we only have so much oil left in the ground to use for our ever expanding energy needs.

Published in UNI-verse
Tuesday, 24 June 2008 18:59

How much oil does U.S. have?

With oil supplies and gas prices in the news on what seems is a second-by-second basis, let’s look at the proven oil reserves in the United States.

Published in Energy
According to British oil expert Richard Pike, the amount of oil still to be pumped out of the Earth could be well underestimated by the oil companies due to their conservative statistic methods.

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