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So, Corel has launched its latest version of WordPerfect Office. What have they done to make it better than Office 2007, better than the free Open Office, and better than web apps like Google Docs? Turns out there’s some key new features which are very attractive - but are they enough to make you switch – or even take notice?

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Microsoft is planning on releasing SP2 in 2009, with support to save documents in ODF format as standard, in the name of ‘interoperability’, while adding PDF and XPS save/export compatibility without requiring any add-on software. The EU’s Commission has ‘taken note’ and welcomed the decision, while promising to investigate it further. What does this mean?

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Wednesday, 23 April 2008 14:54

Uh-oh... Microsoft Office 2007 not OK with OOXML

A test of Office 2007’s compatibility in outputting OOXML compliant documents has shown that Microsoft’s latest Office suite generates files with errors, failing the test. But is this really a surprise?

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