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Smartphone manufacturer Samsung Electronics has announced that it has fixed the issues that caused it to put off the release of its Galaxy Fold foldable device and will be releasing it in selected markets in September.

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Samsung chief executive D.J. Koh has admitted that he is to blame for the debacle of the folding smartphone Galaxy Fold, telling a media group in Seoul that he had pushed the project through.

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South Korean behemoth Samsung Electronics has shown it has learnt precisely nothing from the fiasco of its Note7 device, by putting pressure on a website to pull a tear-down of its Galaxy Fold, after the company had to delay the launch of the foldable phone due to a number of issues.

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Top smartphone manufacturer Samsung Electronics has announced it would delay the public launch of its Galaxy Fold foldable device after issues surfaced, but has not given any specific date for the rollout.

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Tuesday, 21 February 2017 09:06

Samsung takes big hit to reputation in US: survey

Samsung has taken a big hit to its reputation, falling to the 49th position in the 2017 reputation quotient ratings issued by Harris Poll. In 2016, the company enjoyed the seventh position.

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The offices of the Samsung Group in Seoul have been raided as state prosecutors looked for evidence in an influence-peddling case that could bring down the current South Korean president Park Geun-hye's government.

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If you’re still using the Note7 in defiance or ignorance of the recall, your Note7 will receive a software update to limit the battery charge to a maximum of 60%.

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Along with Samsung Galaxy Note7 phones being banned on flights in the US and internationally, so too are they banned in Australia, with Samsung manning phone swap service points at major Australian airports.

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COMMENT While the recall of the Note7 has been variously estimated by third parties as costing Samsung up to US$17 billion, another aspect of the discontinuation is a loss of future sales revenue and profit.

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Thursday, 13 October 2016 22:08

Why is eBay still allowing Note7s to be on sale?

With the Samsung Note7 now officially recalled and banned from return by plane, why is eBay still allowing the Note7 to be sold?

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Doing its bit to ensure all Note7 devices in Australia are recalled, Samsung Electronics Australia is extending its recall to all Note7 devices.

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Wednesday, 12 October 2016 01:11

Sad to see Galaxy Note7 end production

It’s sad to see Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 beset by the problems that have caused the original and then replacement devices to explode.

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Tuesday, 11 October 2016 09:55

Samsung shuts down Note7 sales worldwide

Samsung has announced that it is shutting down sales and exchanges of its Galaxy Note7 smartphone globally, until it has investigated and found out what is causing the device to catch fire.

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The Samsung Note7 Games: Catching Fire is not the name of the latest Hollywood blockbuster but an apparent case of actual reality for replacement Note7s from the crisis-hit chaebol.

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Wednesday, 05 October 2016 13:26

Samsung's Galaxy Note7 earns it a Shonky Award

Samsung's exploding Galaxy Note7 has earned the company a Shonky Award, the annual awards that are given out by Australian consumer group CHOICE.

Samsung has seen at least two reports of its Galaxy S7 Edge exploding, and US authorities are warning of exploding washing machines and an accidentally crushed tablet burnt on a plane.

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Monday, 26 September 2016 13:36

VIDEO: iPhone 7 shows up Note7 sloth in app loading

In a video speed test by YouTuber Phonebuff, you may be surprised by just how much faster Apple’s iPhone 7 is than Samsung’s Note7 at loading apps.

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If you’re a Vodafone customer who purchased a Note7, replacement stock will be available from 23 September at all Vodafone-branded stores.

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A brand new update from Samsung Electronics Australia has just arrived in my inbox concerning replacement Note7 devices – here’s what you need to know.

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Saturday, 17 September 2016 12:59

Samsung 'please explains' – Note7 FAQ

COMMENT Samsung has issued a recall for the Galaxy Note7 – some 2.5 million units (over 50,000 in Australia) have been shipped and that is not to mention the unknown quality in transit for later release in other markets.

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