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Faced with mounting opposition by voters over the Internet censorship legislation, the Federal government has upped the ante, proposing to mandate that all ISPs record our browsing history and store it. This move presupposes that everyone's online actions need to retained 'just in case' it's needed in a criminal investigation.

Published in Government Tech Policy
Electronic Frontiers Australia will relaunch its anti- internet filter campaign in two weeks to broaden its appeal among non-technical Australians, and will dump its No Clean Feed slogan in favour of a message with more mainstream appeal.

Published in Government Tech Policy
Monday, 18 January 2010 05:33

Why the anti-filter campaign is failing

The anti- internet filtering campaign has been hijacked by zealots and ideology-driven windbags and has consistently failed to articulate to moderate Australians what we stand to lose if the policy proceeds.

Published in The Big House




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