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Wednesday, 23 June 2010 22:04

NBN Co shortlists FTTH network builders

NBN Co has released a shortlist of 21 Australian companies, including Telstra, that will be asked to tender for contracts to design and roll out some 200,000kms of cable for its fibre access network.

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The Government would set up a new company to take over most of Telstra's universal service obligations if the agreement just signed by Telstra and NBN Co is consummated.

Published in Technology Regulation

Telstra has signed a non-binding financial heads of agreement with NBN Co to participate in the rollout of the NBN that would see it transfer its customer traffic to NBN and provide NBN Co with access to its facilities that could deliver a post-tax net present value of approximately $11 billion.

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NBN Co has appointed a senior partner in law firm Clayton Utz, Caroline Lovell, as principal regulatory affairs.

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Wednesday, 19 May 2010 20:17

NewSat talks up prospects for satellite launch

NewSat says it is on track to launch its Ka band geostationary satellite, Jabiru, in 2012, but has not reported any specific progress in the plan.

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Broadband satellite builder and network operator, Hughes Network Systems, has formed an Australian subsidiary to bid for NBN Co's expected tender for Ka-band satellites.

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Tuesday, 18 May 2010 12:12

NBN Co consults in Armidale and Willunga

NBN Co has initiated community consultation for rollout of its FTTH network in two of the first release sites: Armidale in NSW and Willunga in South Australia.


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Victorian Family First senator Steve Fielding will meet separately with the government and Telstra early next week to discuss the National Broadband Network implementation study before finalising a position on the telecommunications reform legislation.

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The Federal Government can build its fibre-to-the-premises National Broadband Network for less than the original $43 billion capital estimate and get a 7 per cent return on its investment without Telstra's help, the KPMG-McKinsey implementation study has found.

Published in Technology Regulation

The voices complaining about provisions in the NBN legislation that would enable NBN Co to provide services to government agencies have been many and loud, but according to one expert this is a perfectly reasonable proposition; and one that could create an upheaval among established telecoms providers.

Published in Technology Regulation

NZ company Optical Network Engineering, in a submission to the Senate NBN enquiry, says the 100Mbps of the NBN's FTTH network won't be enough to satisfy future demand for 3D and HD video, and an RF channel should be added to the fibre.

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Tuesday, 06 April 2010 13:10

ACCC facing challenges in regulating NBN Co

The ACCC has, for the first time, spelt out some of the challenges it faces in regulating NBN Co as a future monopoly provider of telecommunications services.

Published in Technology Regulation

The FTTH Council Asia Pacific has been left with a large amount of egg on its face after it made, and subsequently withdrew, a critical submission to an NBN Co consultation paper that it had failed to get approved by key vendor members.

Published in Strategy

The NBN Co has released a report setting out its decisions on a number of key options for the FTTH component of the national broadband network.

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Wednesday, 24 March 2010 15:24

NBN Co gets a new chairman

Harrison Young, a former chairman of Morgan Stanley Australia, has been named as chairman of the NBN Co to replace executive chair Mike Quigley who will remain CEO and a director of the company.

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Monday, 15 March 2010 14:00

Primus: 'We're ready for NBN'

Primus Telecom is aiming to be one of the first ISPs to offer retail NBN services.

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Communications Alliance has rallied the industry to embark on an ambitious project to define many, possible, aspects of the NBN. It was initiated prior to NBN Co's formation and remains independent of NBN Co. Now, NBN Co promises to spell out how it will work with Comms Alliance.

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The Rudd Government's proposed telecommunications reform legislation has given Steve Fielding the opportunity to make a hero of himself in front of 1.4 million Telstra shareholders - by voting against it.

Published in The Big House
Thursday, 11 March 2010 14:08

Senate numbers against Conroy on Telstra Bill

The Rudd Government's long-held plan to structurally reform the telecommunication sector is in jeopardy, with the legislative package likely to be narrowly rejected by the Senate.
Published in Technology Regulation
Wednesday, 10 March 2010 20:57

NBN's Hobart network operations centre complete

Construction of the Hobart-based network operations centre (NOC) that will be used as the Tasmania NBN Company's interim control platform is nearing completion and has moved to a test phase.
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