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The longest lunar eclipse in 1000 years occurs tonight.

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Western Australia’s homegrown spacecraft, Binar-1, has made first contact with ground control at Curtin University, after it was launched into low orbit from the International Space Station two weeks ago.

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New Curtin University research has found the Moon may have been subjected to much greater impacts from asteroids and other bodies than previously thought, building on our understanding of the Moon’s earliest geologic evolution.

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Australians will be able to observe a very short total lunar eclipse on Wednesday evening.

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Dr Christyl Johnson of NASA will unveil plans to connect with the global community to put the first woman and next man on the moon by 2024, as well as establishing a sustained presence on the moon at last.

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An occultation occurs when one astronomical body passes on front of another. Late on the evening of 25 April, the Moon will take around an hour to pass in front of Saturn.

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The Technical Image Press Association has awarded Huawei's newest 2019 flagship smartphone, the P30 Pro, the "Best Photo Smartphone", which is the third year in a row that a Huawei P-series flagship has won the award.

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Aircraft and aerospace manufacturer Boeing and the Australian Space Agency have signed a Statement of Strategic Intent to help advance the agency’s goals to expand Australia’s domestic space industry.

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Monday, 05 March 2018 05:33

First mobile network on Moon being planned

Mobile networks on Earth have some way to go before they meet the needs of humans but companies are already casting their eyes into space, with the first network on the Moon being planned.

Israeli nonprofit, SpaceIL, a competitor in the Google Lunar XPrize competition, is the first of 16 teams to secure a verified launch contract for its lunar lander to be launched into space on SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket.

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Thursday, 03 May 2012 22:58

Neil Armstrong speaks, at last

Famous for shunning the media spotlight following the Apollo 11 mission, Neil Armstrong has opened up over his ground-breaking experiences.

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Sunday, 04 December 2011 23:14

Total lunar eclipse this coming weekend

For the night-owls, look up in the northern sky a little after midnight on Sunday December 11th and the moon which ought to be blazing down will be strangely dim.

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Thursday, 22 September 2011 17:45

PlusComms to Build a Global Space Network

PlusComms Pty Limited based in Sydney, Australia has announced that it is building a Global Space Network subject to financing. The project involves 3 x 30m dishes in key locations around the world. The Project, called MissionTrax could be operational by second quarter 2012.

Wednesday, 07 September 2011 13:42

Photographic proof: the Apollo moon landings were real

NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has taken the clearest images yet of the various Apollo landing sites.  Memo to the nay-sayers: the landings really did happen - here's photographic proof.

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It seems that even spectacular events like total solar eclipses of the sun pale into significance compared to the likes of yesterday's lunar eclipse which turned the moon shades of copper to blood red.

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Australia had plenty of moon units gazing up at Earth's major orbiter early this morning, as a red, dead moondemption eclipsed the threat of ash - but wasn't able to overcome view-marring cloudy weather for some.

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Wednesday, 15 June 2011 12:19

Drink in the lack of moonshine: tomorrow

Tomorrow morning, the 16th of June, the moon will turn red thanks to Chilean volcanic ash as it goes through a major celestial event: a lunar eclipse.

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Wednesday, 14 July 2010 00:33

NASA thinks Moon could be full of caves

The NASA Science article "Down the Lunar Rabbit-Hole" tells of the distinct possibility of giant caverns, caves, and tunnels under the Moon's surface. Giant holes on the lunar surface could lead to "entrances to a geologic wonderland." Go tell Alice we'll be there eventually.


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