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Australian tech company Trax Print says it has used its expertise in document protection and anti-fraud technology to develop a dynamic sanitisation certificate to be used in conjunction with Zoono through their distributors in South Africa, Liquigenic.

Published in Health

Australia's government-accredited mobile recycling program, MobileMuster, has revealed the significant progress it has made in positive impacting the environment over 21 years with the release of its 2019 Annual Report.

Published in Telecoms & NBN

Researchers at AdaptiveMobile Security recently detected a new vulnerability that uses the confirguration protocols used by a telco to provision a phone, making itessentially impossible for the user to block.

Published in Security

Australians are holding onto their mobile phones for longer, using more data, watching more TV "in the hand", and are, increasingly, being influenced by digital giants like Google, Amazon and Apple, according to newly published research.

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Renaming the unlimited data portion of select new plans as "peace of mind data" that eliminates excess usage charges, there are of course still some limits but the new plans are the best Telstra has ever offered.

Published in Telecoms & NBN
Tuesday, 05 June 2018 15:10

Huawei P20 Pro review: Best phone of 2018?

Is Huawei’s new flagship, with its stunning AI-driven camera, the best phone in the business?

Global computer manufacturer ASUS says it’s repeatedly been asked when it  will make a gaming phone. That day is Monday, as it announced the ROG Phone.

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Global revenues from Rich Communication Services messaging will exceed US$9 billion by 2022, up from an estimated $126 million in 2018.

Published in Strategy

If you use your phone while driving in NSW, or are otherwise distracted, or take cocaine and drive, new reforms due on 1 July are set to target you.

Published in Development

Sending his troops into battle so the people know of his 40% off data-heavy 90-day plans, King of the Northward-bound Kogan Mobile is in the fight of his life to rule over the Seven MVNO kingdoms.

Published in Telecoms & NBN

The 3Sixt Hot Box Packs are gift packs of smartphone accessories ready to be stuffed into someone's Christmas stocking.

Published in Mobility

No, it’s not HTC’s new Windows 10 Mobile, but instead, the Android-based successor to last year’s M9, and like competing flagships, it’s impressive.

Published in Home Tech

There are billions of dollars’ worth of second hand, unused mobile handsets sitting in drawers and pockets across Australia, according to data released by eBay.

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Australians are paying through the nose to the tune of more than $10 million for going over their mobile data limits when using their smartphones.

Published in Mobility

Apple surpassed Samsung in Q4 2014 to take top spot in the global smartphone market, a spot Samsung had held since 2011.

Published in Telecoms & NBN
Friday, 09 January 2015 17:32

How much are we spending on mobile phone bills?

Australians are spending more - and less! - each month on their mobile phones than they used to.

Published in Mobility

Got an old dumb or smartphone sitting in a drawer, doing nothing? MobileMuster wants you to recycle it and will give $2 to the Salvos ‘for every kilo that is recycled’ over December and January.

Published in Mobility
Monday, 29 September 2014 09:25

Telstra iPhone 6? Just say goodbye!

Having spent half of Sunday comparing iPhone 6 offerings at the stores of the three Australian mobile carriers, I can safely say that within days I will once again no longer be a Telstra customer. To be perfectly blunt, Telstra’s iPhone 6 outrageous plans are an insult to the intelligence of Australian consumers.

Published in Beerfiles

It's not just you. Other companies find the cost of international roaming and overseas calls puts a crimp on productivity.

Wednesday, 06 August 2014 11:33

95% of Sydney and Melbourne's homeless own a mobile

Melbourne and Sydney's homeless population have a higher rate of mobile phone ownership than Australians generally, according to new research from the University of Sydney.

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